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Parts reseller for Asus Tower Desktop

Find everything you need for your Asus Desktop Tower

Shop our online store for ASUS spare parts to repair your Tower. Discover our wide collection of cables, like the ones used to connect the power supply that connect directly to the tower. You can also find Wi-Fi cards and Wi-Fi mobile antennas, controllers cards, fans of various types (for power supply, for CPU), backlit covers or tower frames, and all the additional items related to your computer, to improve its layout or efficiency. Despite the ubiquity of laptops, desktop computers are in general far more powerful than their portable counterparts.

For this reason, Asus, as the leader in performance and hardware development has made it their priority to build Desktop Towers that are at the cutting edge of performance and simple to assemble as well as reconfigure. Whether you want to upgrade your equipment, change certain components, repair a defective or malfunctioning component, Asus will provide you with the parts, accessories and the know how to meet all of your needs. Desktop computers (also known as desktops), offer a more effective cooling and ventilation than laptops, and are also easier to improve and fix because they have bigger parts. Asus offers a wide selection of desktops, customized to various targets and requirements, while keeping a top-notch effectiveness and layout, from the perfect work tool to the best gaming platform out there. No matter which device you possess: VivoPC, ROG, Gaming, or the variety of other models (VivoPc K20, VivoPc K31, ROG GD30CI, ROG G12, G11DF, G11CD). 

Choose the spare parts for your Asus Tower Desktop

Asus Accessories gives you access to all the accessories and replacement parts needed to improve your Asus experience and fulfill your ambitions and demands with regard to technology, with guaranteed fast delivery! Within our broad range you will find all the vital accessories such as power supplies and their specifications (120W, 180W, 230W), DVD Burners, or wired keyboards. Our meta-configurator will guide you during your selection on our website and will assist you in locating the items compatible with your Asus computer. Asus is proud of their strong reputation in providing more powerful, more innovative devices. This means you have the ability to keep up with the advancements in technology by upgrading parts of your Asus device(s). All the items and parts you will discover on our site are brand new, certified, produced by Asus and backed up by a warranty to ensure the dependability, value and longevity of the merchandise ordered.
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