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Desktop keyboard

Buy a keyboard for your Asus Tower here

You own an Asus desktop computer, chosen it for its incredible performance, unrivaled audio-visual quality and the power to play long hours. On this page you will find brand new replacement keyboards for Asus towers. If after troubleshooting, you are still having issues, do not fret. They keyboard is a heavily used component of the computer that experiences intense wear and tear. You may have lost one or more keys, perhaps your keyboard was poorly maintained over time, or you accidentally spilled a liquid on it which is often irremediable and leaves little chance of repair. Asus Accessories, experts in gaming, offers you official Asus keyboards so that you can enjoy your PC setup. You will be able to buy a wired keyboard for the tower including Asus QWERTY ROG Gaming keyboards and a Canadian QWERTY gamer keyboard that are 100% original and guaranteed.
Available in various languages and certified by Asus, our Asus wired keyboards give you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment. 

Discover ROG Gaming Keyboards

Equipped with responsive and resistant keys, these keyboards will lead you to gaming victory. You'll find keyboards with backlighting for accuracy in dark environments as well as keyboards equipped with the Multi-Key Rollover feature to ensure perfect key recognition even if you press several at the same time. These gaming keyboards are equipped with a scroll wheel for increased comfort and reactivity. To ensure the lifetime of your keyboard and its smooth operation over time, remember to adhere to the advice of use and maintenance such as regular cleaning and deep cleaning after any accident; also find all our tips on the page dedicated to the Asus keyboards. Do you have questions or would like clarification regarding a part or accessory? Contact our team of Asus ROG professionals who will provide you with information and advice to help you find the perfect keyboard.
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