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Desktop Wifi

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Your Asus tower, is a powerful and upgradeable desktop computer that is perfect for professional tasks, multimedia needs, as well as for gaming parties for enthusiasts. No matter how you use it, there is a common point to all these utilities: it's about the internet. Indeed, today no computer owner uses their device without having Wi-Fi available, which allows for connectivity and navigation. But for some time you have been bothered by the clutter of your workspace. You would like to be able to avoid entangled cables by establishing a wireless Wi-Fi connection using an Asus Wi-Fi card. It may also be that you have already installed it, but you broke the antenna during a cleaning or other repair, and you were looking for a new Asus Wi-Fi antenna.
Important reminder: the Wi-Fi antenna receives and returns the neighboring signal.

The Wi-Fi card will use this Wi-Fi connection and manage the various associated parameters by making links between the various parts and transforming this network into cellular data. Most Asus towers and other brands are not equipped with a Wi-Fi card since they are normally connected to the box in a wired manner and do not undergo movements as with a tablet. If you want to add a wireless connection to your desktop PC, you're in the right place! Discover our wide range of Asus Tower accessories, such as power supplies, as well as controller cards, and a variety of efficient keyboards.

How Asus Accessories offers you the best for your desktop

In this section, Asus Accessories offers official Asus Wi-Fi cards and Asus Wi-Fi antennas for you to improve connectivity during internet browsing and to create an uncluttered desktop. You will be able to buy a Wi-Fi card for the tower or replace your defective tower Wi-Fi antenna and rediscover the pleasures of an effective connectivity thanks to our products that are 100% original and under warranty. Certified and manufactured by Asus, our Wi-Fi antennas and our Wi-Fi cards ensure optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment. In particular, Asus mobile Wi-Fi antennas are available to replace your existing slow, disconnected, antenna. These Wi-Fi analog antennas have a dual-band to fit the Asus motherboard. You will also find Asus Wi-Fi cards, sold with or without the Wi-Fi antenna if both elements are defective, which will allow you to restart the Wi-Fi wireless technology. However, be careful about changing your Wi-Fi antenna. Unlike other changes of spare parts we strongly advise you to call a professional to make the change of parts for you. Indeed, this step can be complex and requires technical knowledge and experience. Not to mention, the micro-welding steps are nearly impossible to achieve for an amateur. Do you have questions or doubts about this change of spare parts? Contact our team of Asus professionals, who will share their knowledge and experience so that you are best advised.
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