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Desktop Charger

Discover new chargers for your Asus PC Tower

You've set your sights on this Asus Tower to perform regular multimedia and desktop tasks: you've also selected it for its incredible power of the CPU, RAM and graphics. The storage of multiple photos and videos, processing of your emails, management of your office and accounting needs or internet browsing are all activities that you enjoy with the speed of response of your Asus office tower. However, all of this enjoyment can be tainted when your Asus charger stops working. Does the tower does not turn on anymore? Do you not hear any clicks when you press the button? Furthermore, can you not use your desktop computer at all and can not recover the folders inside anymore? There are several causes that may have led to this failure: the charger wire was bent or jammed and the wear eventually cut it off, the device overheated and made it unusable. It is then time to change the charger of your Asus computer! Remember that even if an original charger seems more expensive than a compatible charger, the quality of the product and its components is not the same! Purchasing suitable equipment gives you greater security in terms of both durability and efficiency, but also the longevity of your laptop. Take advantage of your navigation to discover our wide range of Asus Tower accessories, such as fans, controller cards or keyboards. Check out the 280W charger for the D model, as well as the 230W charger for the M model or even the 90W charger for the F tower.

How Asus Accessories can help you with your Tower charger issues

Asus Accessories always invests in the innovation and evolution of your Asus products. We offer chargers for the Asus tower, so you can change your defective charger and have access to your folders and features of your Asus PC. When you buy a new tower charger, you can be assured of the quality and durability of our products; 100% original and with a warranty. Certified and manufactured by Asus, our Asus official power adapters ensure you optimal and safe performance while meeting the quality requirements of your equipment. Asus' transformers are available with different powers depending on the models you own (VivoPC Series, Gaming Series, ROG Series), so you will have various powers ranging from 120W to 230W to power your Asus office tower. All of our Tower Power Adapters come with their power cords and matching tip to prevent you from buying various products separately. Caution: It is important to check the voltage and amperage of your charger before placing your order. Also remember to look for the charger according to the model of your laptop and not according to the reference on your existing charger. We know that it is tempting to take a charger with extra capacity, but that will not increase the power or duration of your charger. Do you have questions or need additional information to choose the ideal transformer for your Asus tower? Contact our team of Asus specialists, at your disposal to accompany you in each of your purchases and repairs.
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