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Parts reseller for Asus EeePC

Repair your EeePC here

Everything you need to repair your EeePC is available online in our shop. We offer really crucial replacement parts, such as efficient keyboards, as well as  cooling system fansYou can order them all here at the best prices! If you are searching for the best Asus EeePC accessories and parts, you are in the right place. We offer also offer helpful adapters of different wattages, and more. Laptops have been in high demand for several years, as these devices are built with modernization, simplicity of handling and adaptability in mind. In a generation where portability and travel are vital, Asus has developed the EeePc, bringing together lightness, simplified handling and usage, affordability and sleek design. Its numerous uses make it a suitable fit for new users, for home office use, or for a person on the go. This mini-computer includes a keyboard, a touchpads and trackpad boards, a webcam and fantastic connectivity. For everyone's ease of use, very intuitive software comes pre-installed on the computer. If you are here, then you are an EeePc owner. Models and its series include: 1008, T101, 7011, or the R105. Two possibilities for your search are available. Perhaps either a part or accessory is malfunctioning, and you want to fix or replace them, or the system has become outdated and sluggish, and you want to provide it a second life by enhancing it. Asus Accessories offers a broad collection of products to supply you with the top accessories for your EeePc. You will be able to order all the Asus accessories on our online store, such as keyboards, batteries, chargers, fans, touchpads, 3G keys, bios batteries, etc.

Find out how know which EeePC part to choose

You will be able to rebuild your computer from scratch as desired, to provide a comfortable and lag-free experience. To help you make the right choice and to be sure of the compatibility between your computer and the accessories ordered, our online meta configurator will guide you by indicating only the parts appropriate to your computer. All that is required of you is to inform the type of device and its series. We offer for sale only new parts, certified and produced by Asus, and they are covered by a 3-month warranty. We believe in professionalism, dependability of accessories and longevity of your computer.

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