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Board for Asus EeePC

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There are various boards in your Asus laptop to control audio drivers, USB or displays. Does your Asus EeePC laptop have an issue with the Wi-Fi card (network card)? The audio jack is not functioning at all, or intermittently? The different ports of your computer seem to be malfunctioning regularly and repetitively? This is likely to be an issue on one of your Asus Netbook's controller cards, whether it is the card controlling the various ports, the one related to the Wi-Fi connection, or the one with the various USB connections and jack. You may also want to replace some controller cards to enhance your device's efficiency. The controller card enables your computer to communicate with other devices and therefore manage the inputs / outputs, as well as the operation of the connected devices (USB keys, external hard disk, CD player, etc.); it can then manage the audio ports, USB ports or even network ports. There are various reasons why this board could have broken down entirely, but usually this is the result of a power surge. Replacing only one port turns out to be a very delicate task due to tiny welds, so it's much easier to just replace the entire controller board.
 Asus Accessories gives you the option to replace the EeePC controller board. Uncover the variety of Asus laptop cards, made for the various available models (1001, 1025, 1012, 1015 ...) to unleash your device's full potential. You'll discover the IO Boards for the EeePCs, also called controller cards, which are used to connect components to your Asus laptop, and will enable you to get your inoperable ports up and running. These are fitted with a USB port, an audio jack, an RJ45 port and a SATA socket to give you the best possible connectivity. You can also find EeePC Power Boards, also called Power switch boards, to fix your damaged power button; these are sold with the start button. Last but not least, we also can supply the Wi-Fi network cards, internal wireless connection cards, to reestablish your connection and make it stable and always available.

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We get all our replacement parts directly from the original Asus manufacturer, which enables us to confidently stand behind our products quality and durability, and back up your purchases with a 3-month warranty. In addition, this direct relationship enables us to provide excellent pricing! In case you need help identifying the components compatible with your particular Asus device(s), feel free to use our Meta-Configurator to filter through our thousands of products and focus only on the parts that may be useful to fix or upgrade your computer. We have made it easy for you: just select the type of computer, its series, the model, and then press Search.
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