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Keyboard for Asus EeePC

Replace your malfunctioning EeePC keyboard today

The keyboard is one of the main ways for you to interact with your EeePC. If yours is broken or malfunctioning you arrived at the right place!  No matter the issue, we are here to assist you! Among the many Asus accessories available on our online shop, you can order a compatible keyboard for your Asus EeePc and get it back to full operation. In particular, we have replacement keyboards for the 1101, 700, R104 and R251 series. We also offer keyboards in terms of format, for example, a white US QWERTY keyboard or even a black choco WOF French AZERTY keyboard. If you can't find the spare part you're looking for please contact us and we will help you. You can also use the Support button in the top right corner.

Shop for brand-new Asus EeePC keyboards

We get all our replacement parts directly from the original Asus manufacturer, which enables us to confidently stand behind our products quality and durability, and back up your purchases with a 3-month warranty.
 In addition, this direct relationship enables us to provide excellent pricing! In case you need help identifying the components compatible with your particular Asus device(s), feel free to use our Meta-Configurator to filter through our thousands of products and focus only on the parts that may be useful to fix or upgrade your computer. We have made it easy for you: just select the type of computer, its series, the model, and then press Search.
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