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LCD Cover for Asus EeePC

Find the LCD cover you need for the Asus EeePC

If you are on this page, your LCD cover, also called top cover or top casing, was damaged and needs to be replaced. Maybe it got scratched, or cracked following a fall, or it does not fit anymore and it seems to be regularly falling off or separating from the rest of your netbook. It is also possible that after some intensive and rough handling over years of loyal service, your Asus EeePC looks a little too much worn out for your taste. The LCD cover is the most visible part of the laptop, and of course you want it to look good! For your laptop to appear as good as new, the first step is to replace the LCD cover. We offer top covers of different colors, such as a black LCD cover, as well as a white EeePC back cover, or even a red LCD casing. It is important to keep your top cover in good shape, because it is part of the computer's outer shell, protecting it from the abuse of the surrounding environment, and enabling you to haul it around with the peace of mind that the internal components are secured and protected. In addition, the LCD screen is one of the most delicate parts of your computer, and the top casing provides the necessary support and protection to shield it from harm.

Choose a replacement top cover for protection and style

We get all our replacement parts directly from the original Asus manufacturer, which enables us to confidently stand behind our products quality and durability, and back up your purchases with a 3-month warranty.
 In addition, this direct relationship enables us to provide excellent pricing! In case you need help identifying the components compatible with your particular Asus device(s), feel free to use our Meta-Configurator to filter through our thousands of products and focus only on the parts that may be useful to fix or upgrade your computer. We have made it easy for you: just select the type of computer, its series, the model, and then press Search.
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