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Spare Parts for All-in-One

Order replacement parts for AiO

An All-in-One (AIO) integrates the computer case and system components into the monitor so that the entire PC is contained in the AiO unit. If you are looking for replacement parts for your Asus All-In-One, this is the right place! In order to improve, fix or finish your Asus All in One (AiO) equipment, we recommend a broad range of appropriate accessories for your Asus equipment. From the AC adapter, keyboard to electronic boards, everything you could require will be on our dedicated All-in-One section. If you are on this site, you are the proud owner of an Asus computer from the All-in-One family (AiO). Find parts for the Zen AiO model, Zen AiO Pro, or the AiO ET2702 model and you are desperate to replace damaged parts or enhance your installation in terms of accessories or overall efficiency. The AiO collection has been created for newcomers and is perfectly designed for beginners due to its simple installation and use.

Also, since it is sold as a bundle including screen, speaker, keyboard, mouse etc., it is a great value purchase. The AiO also provides important space savings by reducing the use of cables and other clutter in your work area. As a ready-to-use solution straight out of the box, it is very simple to install and use. As time goes on, and we expand our dependency on computers, and the AiO computer may prove less capable than others. In certain cases, you may need to upgrade and expand the capability and efficiency of your Asus AIO by using the latest parts and accessories made available by this highly innovative and renowned manufacturer. 

Improve your Asus setup

We get all our replacement parts directly from the original Asus manufacturer, which enables us to confidently stand behind our products quality and durability, and back up your purchases with a 3-month warranty. In addition, this direct relationship enables us to provide excellent pricing! In case you need help identifying the components compatible with your particular Asus device(s), feel free to use our Meta-Configurator to filter through our thousands of products and focus only on the parts that may be useful to fix or upgrade your computer. We have made it easy for you: just select the type of computer, its series, the model, and then press Search. Whether out of necessity or desire, you can improve your computer to keep up with the ever-evolving technology. When the time comes to upgrade or fix your computer, you will be able to use the constantly updated accessories created by Asus. Asus Accessories is there for you when you need to purchase any Asus-branded replacement part, upgrade, or accessory, for any Asus model you may own.
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