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Keyboard for Asus All-in-One

Find keyboards for your Asus All-in-One

Is your Asus All-in-One keyboard no longer operating correctly, or some of the keys are defective? Purchase a brand-new one at the lowest price on our online store and get it delivered fast! Luckily, Asus is one of the few expert IT suppliers that provides you with all of the accessories, replacement parts and products for your AIO. This approach allows all users of the Asus brand to keep their installations by replacing or upgrading the damaged or broken items, and by providing always updated and enhanced, more efficient components. Don't worry, accidents with keyboards are common! In most scenarios, apart from manufacturing defects, you have misplaced one or more keys, your keyboard has suffered from wear and tear, or improper maintenance which over time gave it a few malfunctions or inconveniences (bug, random failure), or you unintentionally spilled a liquid on it, which is often a death sentence for your keyboard, with little probability that it will work again. To guarantee the longevity of your keyboard and its effortless operation over time, do not forget to follow the recommendations of use and maintenance offered with the purchase, such as the standard regular dust off, or the thorough cleaning after any "incident".
Be sure to check out all of our tips on the page dedicated to Asus keyboards. You can choose between wireless keyboards or wired keyboards, QWERTY keyboards or AZERTY keyboards.

How to choose your keyboard

Asus Accessories provides you with all the keyboards for the All-in-One, all the models and series of this AIO category (Zen AiO ZN242, Zen Aio Pro, Zen Aio V241, ET2702) on its online store. This way you can repair your device at a very economical price, which is always preferable to replacing your entire device simply because of a defective keyboard! You will discover numerous keyboards with different features to meet your requirements, for example a wired USB keyboard, a wireless keyboard, or a bundle of wireless keyboard + wireless mouse. These keyboards are also available in various languages: French, German, American, Turkish, Swiss, Spanish, Italian, etc. All of our Asus products are new, certified Asus manufactured, and under warranty to ensure the longevity and quality of your keyboard, made under the strictest standards. Do you need additional help to make sure you are selecting a compatible keyboard ? Our online meta-configurator will help you restrict the choice of keyboards only to those compatible with your device, you simply have to enter the series and the model of your computer, and you will see only products that fit. Furthermore, our service team is always at your side to guide you during your order and respond to any questions.
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