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AIO Power Connector for Asus laptop

Asus AIO Power Connectors

If you have reached this webpage, it probably is because you are experiencing an issue with your beloved Asus All-in-One computer. More specifically, your Power Connector or plug seems to be giving you trouble. Was your power cable pulled, damaging your connection? Did your electrical grid experience a power surge? Does your computer not recognize the power supply and/or cannot power on? Your issue could be coming from one of the connectors or cables supplying the motherboard with the stabilized power it needs to function. This loss of functionality could be catastrophic. Here you will find power connectors that can be soldered to your power board, or the cable going from the external power plug to the power connector on the board. Check out the DC connector for the A series, as well as a DC power connector for the M series AiO and even a charging plug for the Z240ICGK.

Discover 100% genuine Asus DC Power Connectors

We are here to help and provide you with a 100% genuine, Asus-produced and certified part, with a guaranteed fit and performance.

Don't use subpar aftermarket components on your beautiful AiO computer! By purchasing the genuine Asus parts on this website, you can trust the quality, compatibility, and durability of each spare part. In addition, you do not risk creating another issue and damaging other components by using an unproven aftermarket part with unknown quality. No matter your AiO model, from the A, ET, P, V, to the ZEN Series, we have the item you are looking for, at a great price and with guaranteed fit! If you have any question or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our expert service team, we will be glad to advise and guide you to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and experience. 

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