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Wi-Fi for Asus AIO

Buy a new Wi-Fi card for your All-in-One here!

If the wi-fi on your All-in-One computer is not functioning properly, it is best you install a compatible Wi-Fi card in your Asus All-in-One. We offer these at the best reasonable price, come visit us online. If you arrived to this page, it is that you are part of the broad community of Asus customers and specifically for the series of desktop computers, All-in-One. You have enjoyed your device, with its simple and refined design, amazing audio-visual quality and the incredible space savings it has brought to your work space. It has  reliably enabled you to conduct various professional tasks, your personal administration, or your games, hobbies and internet searches. But you have lost all connection speed and comfort of use since your Asus computer can no longer locate any wireless network. Regarding all your repairs, Asus Accessories and our certified team of specialists will help you in responding to all of your inquiries, and providing you the appropriate suggestions and all the information you require to fix your Asus devices. Two separate parts can then be affected by your network issue: the Wi-Fi antenna that receives and captures the neighboring signal and the Wi-Fi card, also called network controller card, which uses this Wi-Fi connection and controls the associated parameters by establishing connections where and when necessary. Check out our selection of Asus wi-fi boards, as well as AiO internal wireless connection cards, and even the Asus wireless link board.

Why Asus Accessories can help you

We can help you with any issue you may be having with your Asus device. Want to know how to identify the malfunction on your computer? The answer is easy, the antenna should be your main suspect if your computer has been dropped or has suffered a lot of opening and closing of the upper case and the wire has been lacerated or broken. All other malfunctions are due to the network controller card. The best way to identify the malfunction is to just open the back cover of the computer to look at the appearance of the Wi-Fi antennas, if they seem to you in perfect condition (no pinching, movement, wire cut or disconnected) then the failure is likely to be your internal Wi-Fi card. The Wi-Fi network in your home does not work properly? It's then better to equip yourself with a new Wi-Fi card compatible with your computer AIO to quickly find your wireless connection. Asus Accessories offers official Wi-Fi cards, brand new and 100% genuine, they are also produced and certified by Asus to guarantee you high-end components and the longevity of the part ordered. The Network Controller Cards are available for the entire All-in-One range (A, ET20, ET22, ET24, Series V, ZEN Series) to meet the demands of every customer, no matter the model of Asus computer purchased. Be vigilant, however, regarding the replacement of your Wi-Fi card, it is located on the mainboard and contrary to other changes of replacement parts, we strongly recommend you to use a professional to replace the parts, since this step can be complex and requires technical knowledge and experience.
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