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ROG Streaming accessories for Gamers

Buy what you need for streaming with ROG!

All gamers dream about ROG Streaming accessories! We offer streaming devices in our shop, including Asus webcams. You can also buy outstanding accessories for your Republic Of Gamers laptop. Enjoy the high-quality video for extended play and increase your streaming community with the ROG Eye webcam and savor the beautiful images supported by the ASUS ROG light projector, like the ROG spotlight.

How Asus Accessories can help you with streaming

These high-level quality products are also incredibly efficient and provide the top-notch quality to ensure that you never let down your community or crew during a game. These high-tech products will allow for incredible and high-quality streaming on social platforms, like Twitch. Your followers will be amazed by the detail of the images in your videos. Asus Accessories promotes on this page new ROG Asus official streaming devices that are 100% authentic and fabricated by Asus, and covered by warranty. Our gaming products guarantee enhanced supreme performance and security while providing the value and warranty demands of your device. We offer multiple models, with several performances and alternatives, so that you can find the streaming devices perfect for you.

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Asus C3 webcam

Asus C3 webcam

Asus Webcam1080p C3 30fps with Microphone
Enjoy sharper, smoother video streaming and crystal-clear sound with the Asus webcam...
$ 119
IN STOCK, shipped from our EU Distribution center within standard delivery times
TUF Gaming Capture Box (CU4K30)

TUF Gaming Capture Box (CU4K30)

TUF Gaming Capture Box CU4K30
If you want to broadcast information to your fans while playing on a console or PC, the ASUS TUF Gaming capture box allows you to broadcast premium quality game streams...
$ 229
IN STOCK, shipped from our EU Distribution center within standard delivery times
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