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Wi-Fi for Asus ZenFone

Do you need a new antenna for your ZenFone?

A problem with the Antenna of your ZenFone 2 or ZS570KL? Replace it easily by ordering a spare antenna here on our website. You can also find accessories for all Asus smartphones like screens and covers to protect it from the next fall and avoid repairs! Asus mobile phones bring together innovation and design, offering unprecedented ergonomics, incredible performance and audiovisual quality. However, if the pleasure of using your ZenFone has been greatly reduced due to network connection problems, your Wi-Fi cable may have a problem. You accidentally dropped your Zenfone? You no longer correctly recieve the network, or it has disappeared altogether? Furthermore, you can not access the 4G connection? These signs could indicate that the Zenfone antenna has been damaged or no longer works at all; fortunately this fault is repairable. Asus Accessories introduces you to this category of replacement antennas for the Zenfone (Zenfone 2 or ZS570KL), brand new, 100% original and certified Asus manufactured to ensure quality materials and durability of the part. Mimo type network antennas, MP antennas and NFC antennas are available for sale to regain connectivity on your Asus smartphone. You can also find black coaxial cables for the ROG Phone.

How to repair your Asus smartphone's antenna

You can change the network antenna by yourself, simply and easily, without the need to call a professional and thus save money on the repair costs. If you want to acquire adequate tools for these repairs, we offer a complete Asus dismantling kit for sale. As a precaution, before any manipulation or change of parts on your Asus smartphone, remember to do a full backup of your data before turning off your phone. Do you have any doubts about this repair? Would you like a recommendation or advice from an expert? Our team of Asus professionals are at your disposal to support you during the repair.
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