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Screen Protector for Asus smartphone

Buy at the best price all the screen protectors for your ZenFone.

Protect your smartphone from bumps, scratches or impacts with this brand-new accessory designed by Asus. In recent years and after the success of the many products in the Asus range (tablet, laptop, desktop computer), this giant of innovation has embarked on the manufacture of smartphones: Zenfone. With more than 15 different models already released (Zenfone 4 Max, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone 3 Deluxe, Zenfone 5Z), Asus has conquered its users with a mobile phone mixing design, essential image quality and innovative performance. The manufacturer then combined all its knowledge and know-how to create protective screens and cases with high-quality materials, faithful to the other products of the Asus range, to better protect your phone and offer you durability and security of your device. The smartphone has become a companion on a daily basis, whether for work, in public transport, for various hobbies or as an office tool. It now follows us everywhere and is therefore not immune to a fall, a scratch or an accidental shock that can cause a great harm to its screen and therefore to the fluidity of its use if it is not well protected. No matter the ZenFone model you have, we offer the perfect fix! For example, you can buy the RhinoShield screen protector for the ZenFone 9, as well as the black Devil Case, or even a simple Asus screen protector.

Which protector is best for you?

Asus Accessories sells in this section screen protectors that are compatible with all models in the Zenfone range, to protect and extend the life of your mobile device's display. These innovative shields are easy to apply and remove with a suitable size to secure your entire screen against dust, scratches, or fingerprints.
Designed with superior quality materials, the back of this self-adhesive tempered glass is especially reusable to facilitate its application and adjustment to air bubbles. Your screen will be protected against any possible damage thanks to ultra-thin lamination technology guaranteeing a touch screen sensitivity unchanged and visuals that retain their brilliance with a screen always bright. In addition to your screen protections sold individually, our merchant site also offers protection bundles composed of a bumper (back cover) with a safety glass or a cover (full case) and a screen protector, to fully and effectively protect the different areas of your Asus smartphone while offering you an unbeatable value for money. Please check the exact model of your Zenfone before ordering to make sure the case fits your phone. Indeed, although the screen protector are similar, they will not suit your Zenfone if your model is not rated in the compatibility of the product. Be reassured about the quality and reliability of our products, brand new and 100% original and Asus manufactured. Our priority being your satisfaction, we offer you a guarantee of 12 to 24 months. Our team of Asus experts is of course at your disposal to accompany you during your navigation and answer your questions and requests for advice. Make sure you get the full protection of your Asus mobile phone with all the Zenfone protections from the Asus brand, including our range of innovative cases and designs to match your equipment to your taste and desires. Browse all our Zenfone packs made of the Zenfone model of your choice and accompanied by its tempered glass or protective case to renew your smartphone with essential offers, not to mention a wide range of Zenfone accessories adapted for your phone!
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