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Fingerprint Sensor for Asus ZenFone

Purchase a new ZenFone fingerprint sensor here

The Fingerprint Sensor on your ZenFone is not doing its job? Visit our online store and see all the spare parts to repair your ZenFone, even the ZenFone MaxUnluckily, your fingerprint reader does not function any longer? The fingerprint sensor on your smartphone does not react? It does not identify your fingerprints and does not provide you the chance to document a new one? You can no longer unlock your smartphone? If any of these issues are occuring, your print reader may have suffered a fall or impact and have damaged the sensor. The sensor can also be damaged from expoure to excessive moisture or sunlight. Asus Accessories offers you on this page new Asus fingerprint sensors, 100% original, certified and produced by Asus.
You will find merchandise suitable for various models of the Zenfone at incredible prices in order to obtain back full use. You can choose from the available colors, for example a silver ZenFone 6 sensor, or even a black ROG Phone II sensor to match your new fingerprint reader to the rest of your smartphone. All of our models come fitted with finger detection to enhance its use by unlocking your device almost immediately and with any finger. Furthermore, you have the ability to record fingers from different hands to guarantee excellent use even in the situation of a wound or laceration. This digital authentication will let you be the commander of your smartphone and to be reassured regarding the protection of your personal details in case you lose your phone, or it is stolen; not to mention that your fingerprint can also be used to open certain applications and files to ensure their safety.

How to repair an Asus smartphone fingerprint sensor

In order to prevent paying a professional only for the labor, our team offers details on how to change your fingerprint reader on your ownStay on this page if you are looking for a replacement fingerprint sensor to change the one on your Asus ZenFone. You will discover a large stock of items compatible with the majority of the ZenFone models at incredible prices. While you're here, benefit from your navigation to find other Zenfone replacement parts as well such as frames and buttons. The Asus Zenfone smartphone comes fitted with a fingerprint sensor that lets you safeguard your mobile phone and your personal details from any involuntary invasion.
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