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Earphones for Asus ZenFone

Replace lost or broken earphones here!

We have all types of earphones designed specifically for the ZenFone, choose the right one for you today and get fast shipping! Switch your obsolete earphones to brand-new Asus ones. All the earphones mentioned on this site are 100% appropriate with the ZenFone models. Buy here and get a quick delivery and rock bottom prices. You can't stay put in one single place, either to go to your job, to the classroom, for your enjoyment or throughout your home. You picked an Asus Zenfone as a nomadic partner, for its awesome autonomy, its numerous capacities or the quality of its audio and visual media. But currently you have an issue with your earphones or a forthright issue with the jack of your smartphone. Do your earphones produce a nonstop crackling? Only one of the earphones is working? The microphone is not functional? Your internal earpiece no longer identifies the presence of the earphones and the sound then comes out directly from  the speakers of your smartphone? The Asus jack is all used up, obstructed with debris or damaged as a result of a fall? Did you break the earphone tip inside the jack or other object trying to clean it? You can buy here white ZenFone earphones, as well as internal earphones and even ROG earpieces.

Find which earphones are suitable for you

Asus Accessories on this page promotes the internal earphones and earphones with an official jack connector, to replace your obstructed, damaged or uncomfortable earphones. The earphones on this site are all suitable with the different Zenfone models (Zenfone 2, Zenfone 3, Zenfone Deluxe, Zenfone 5Z, Zenfone 4 Max, ...), but also with the range of Padfones and some Zenpad models (Zenpad 7, Zenpad 8, Zenpad C7.0); they come in two colors (white and black). This page is sorted by product model to assure compatibility between the chosen Asus earphones and your Asus device, so you can take pleasure in the reception of your new audio accessories. If you have had enough of the earphones that always gets constantly tangled in your pocket or the bottom of your bag, and you're tired of always having to replace due to your extreme usage, then you can decide for a headphone, certainly more bulky, but stronger and generally more powerful than a pair of earphones. Warning, concerning the repair of the jack and contrary to the other spare parts replacements, our team strongly recommends to call on a professional to fix your internal earphones for you, because of the complexity of this repair that requires technical knowledge and experience. Brand new, our products are 100% original and Asus produced and certified, to guarantee longevity and performance of your handsfree kit over all its uses. Furthermore, you will get quick delivery to vigorously answer to all of your needs and all of our products are under warranty to ensure beneficial savings on all of your purchases.
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