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Controller Board for Asus ZenFone

Choose a new ZenFone controller card 

Your ZenFone micro USB DC power card is having connection problems? Change this or your Asus power board to make it brand-new again. Being aware of where the problem is coming from is essential in order to fix your Asus smartphone instead of getting rid of it. Definitely, many malfunctions can be rectified easily as soon as the new spare part is delivered. If you have a Zenfone and you have issues with the charging connector, you're in the right place. Does your Zenfone have trouble recharging the battery normally? Do you have to wiggle the cable for it to charge? You can't save your data on your laptop because it no longer recognizes your smartphone? Loading stops for no reason or runs intermittently? These various issues indicate that your Asus charging connector has been ruined. The port is could be cluttered with debris or by a broken part inside, the power supply board could have burned out due to numerous surges caused by the power grid or you could be facing other problems ... Sounds like it's time to replace the charging connectorAsus Accessories has for sale here the original Asus Zenfone charging connectors, with suitable models for the entire range of Asus smartphones (Zenfone 2, Zenfone 3, Zenfone Deluxe, Zenfone 5Z, Zenfone 4 Max, ...), and for all types of ports (type A, type B or type C). You may also be having issues with other components of your controller board. The good news is we have plenty of replacements such as HDD boards and various types of audio boards.

Buy power cards 100% compatible with Asus ZenFone

You will then be capable of buying daughter power cards for the phone, which are fitted with the micro USB charging connector and buzzer. Don't stress about the dependability of our products, they are 100% original, brand new and certified by Asus and always with a warranty included! Warning, regarding the repair of the connector charge of your Zenfone, and opposite to other changes of replacement parts, our team strongly suggests for you to call on a professional to make this repair for you, due to its complexity which requires technical and experience knowledge. It will be preferred this time to pay a professional for the job than to risk damaging other parts of your smartphone. If you still want to do this on your own, arm yourself with the appropriate tools and quality with our Asus dismantling kit that comes included with 1 torx screwdriver, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, 1 flat screwdriver, 1 opening tool and 1 plastic plate. This kit is also suitable for all the other Asus products (phone, tablet, laptop, …) to ensure versatility and prolonged use. We also sell all the essential replacement parts for your Zenfone repairs, like buttons, fasteners, screens or webcams to prolong the life of your device as much as possible.
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