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LCD Panel for Asus tablet

Buy a new LCD panel for your Asus tablet

Here at Asus Accessories we have a large array of original Asus LCD Panels. No matter which Asus tablet you have, you will definitely find a compatible one and you will also find the best prices too. With our fast delivery, you can repair your tablet quickly and affordably. Discover here all the variety of LCD panels for the Asus tablet, regardless of what model tablet you own, such as a Nexus 7, Slider, and MemoPad7. We also offer protective cases to restore strength and safety to your product. Your screen is damaged, cracked or submerged? Your backlighting isn't working? Are you seeing horizontal or vertical lines on the screen? Dead pixels or tasks appear regularly on your screen? This one has turned totally black, and you do not know what to do? Be cautious, it is essential to quickly replace the broken or cracked screen, for the security of the user as the tablet's elements can come off or out from your screen. To make sure your display is the culprit of the malfunction, execute an easy test: try using your tablet by connecting it to an external display; if the problem also appears on the other screen then it is your graphics card (also called "chip") that is involved, if no issue appears on the other screen, then there is no question: it is the known diagnosis of an off-service slab! Choose from a variety of LCD panels such as the black full screen module for MeMoPad, as well as a white 10-inch touch screen module. 

How to pick the panel for you

Asus Accessories offers in this site the various models of new Asus slabs to fix the screen of your touchpad (Transformerpad, Memopad, Vivopad, Fonepad, EeePad), with products that are 100% original, produced and certified by Asus to ensure to you the dependability and quality always. Different sizes of slabs will be presented to you: 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches.
You will also find all the touch-sensitive windows (black or white) as well as the complete screen modules (slab and screen). Caution! Unlike other repairs or changes of spare parts, this repair is very delicate to make for any person without experience. Indeed, the slab change requires some computer knowledge, so we advise you to have this repair done by a professional so as to not damage the various components of your laptop! For all other restorations of your tablet, such as replacing the screen module, we have a kit of disassembly tools and a hardware kit, in order to have the right tools to make all the changes of replacement parts patiently and professionally. In addition, we guarantee quick delivery to immediately reply to any urgent demands.
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