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FFC Cable for Asus Tablet

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With graphics more authentic than ever before, strong efficiency for both pleasure and work and independence outperforms any test, the Asus tablets keep impressing us, like the rest of its series. This is most likely one of those cases that made you select this tablet instead of a laptop. But for a while you have observed constant bugs and arbitrary malfunctions without explanations. You then opted to open your touchpad to test its parts and take a look on they look, but while performing this task you ignored to be careful with the FCCs (among other things to disconnect) and here comes the turmoil: one of the connecting cables has broken or twisted and since it no longer works. Has the power button on your tablet stopped working? Or the volume buttons don't function well? Maybe the touch or SD card reader no longer processes? No need to panic, this issue is common and easily fixable by easily replacing the defective FFC with a new one. You can find for example 20 pin FFC cables, as well as 30 pin cables all the way to 42 Pin FFC cables, LCD cables, power key cables, volume cables or FPC cables.

Which cable to buy for your tablet model

Asus Accessories provides you with the replacement of your defective FFC by having for sale a broad selection of cables of all types and compatible with all models of the Asus tablets (Nexus, Eee Slate, Memopad, Vivotab, Transformer Pad, Zenpad ...). All of our products are new, 100% original, produced and certified by Asus to guarantee professionalism and quality of materials used at all times. Warning!
We strongly advise you to call a professional to fix your FFC in your place, due to the complexity of this repair that demands technical knowledge and experience. Also, for sale here are the FFC's from 20 to 42 Pins, as the side key FFC is in charge of the functionality of the volume and power buttons, screen layers are accountable for the tactility, the FPC pads of the fans ensure the proper cooling of the system by connecting the fan and mainboard, the touchpad FFC's works the right and left click through a connection between the dock and the main board. You will also be able to purchase the power button cables that its purpose is to turn on your computer, LCD (video slick) FFC's makes the screen work correctly and is simple to read, as well as the basic slips that are between the slab of the screen and the mainboard.
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