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DC Power for Asus Tablet

Find the connector you need for your Asus tablet here

Search through our wide range of connectors and select the one for you! On this page, you can order the DC Power you need for your Asus tablet. All the DC power connectors are available at the lowest price on our website. You have been the owner of an Asus tablet for a while now, and maybe you suffer from constant and repetitive malfunctions without knowing where it comes from. Your tablet turns off, it is difficult to connect, it loses its autonomy ... so many issues that prevent the fluid and natural use of your tablet. But you don't know if the issue is with the battery, charger, or power connector. You will find among others the power connectors (end where your charger fits): micro USB power connectors, dock connectors (dock connector with LVDS cable), power buttons (power button / stop) as well as power cards (card grouping the various elements previously mentioned) to respond to all the malfunctions of your tablet.

To choose the Asus appropriate replacement part for your tablet, use our online configurator (on the right of your screen) to notify the model and series of your tablet, it will immediately select the compatible parts. We have the DC power boards for many models of tablet including a DC board for the MeMoPad, as well as a DC power board for the ZenPad, and even a power board for the EeePad.

How to find the problem with your connector

The charging connector may have been twisted, broken, damaged, or subject to false contact due to a drop in a connected wire or ruptured too violently resulting in loss of adhesion to the connector welds. If after this minor observation, you believe that your issue comes from the charging connector, Asus Accessories provides in this section various Asus power connectors for all the tablets of the brand (Memopad, Transformerpad, Vivopad, EeePad, Fonepad, Nexus) so that you can change the charging connector that no longer functions, and you will find the perfect autonomy and the use of your touchpad!
Warning ! Unlike other repairs or changes of spare parts, this repair is very difficult to carry out by an individual. Indeed, the installation of the charging connector is carried out with micro-welds on the motherboard, so we advise you to have this repair done by a professional so as to not to damage the various components of your laptop. We strive in our great reputation to satisfy our customers and always have a stock available to meet your demands, regardless if they are more or less urgent. In a quality approach to ensure the dependability and longevity of the items, they are all 100% original, certified and produced by Asus and under warranty from 3 to 24 months.
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