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Connector for Asus Tablet

Improve the connectivity of your Asus tablet

Find here all the connectors you need for your Asus tablet. We offer several connectors available at the best price. You preferred to purchase an Asus tablet instead of a laptop as it combines the features of a smartphone and computer with its intuitive touch screen, ergonomics, and its ideal weight / size ratio to follow you in all your travels. However, like any electronic device, some parts may wear over time due to heavy use, an accidental fall or some similar calamity. Here you can improve the connectivity of your tablet according to your needs and your existing devices. Would you like to export snapshots from your camera to your tablet? Looking for an adapter to be able to transpose the screen of your tablet directly on your television to increase your visual comfort? Many of your devices work with USB ports, but you do not have them on your tablet? It's time to add the missing connectivity to your tablet! Take a look at our selection, including the SD FFC cable for the Zenpad, as well as the Asus external USB adapter, and even the FPC cable for the VivoTab.

Order an external port from Asus Accessories

You will be able to add ports to your tablet depending on the devices you want to connect or actions you want to achieve, through our external ports for tablets; with 100% original products, all under warranty to ensure quality and durability. All the Asus external ports shown on this page are compatible with all the Asus tablets (Transformer Pad, VivoTab, ZenPad 10, ZenPad M, etc.) to provide every tablet user with the same functionality. In particular, SD card readers are available on this page, these extension kits will allow you to read memory cards to export photos for example; HDMI to HDMI micro cables for viewing photos, videos, movies directly on your TV by connecting to your tablet; this cable supports 3D and internet connectivity. You will also find various models of adapters for tablets, with external USB adapters connecting directly to the plug of the docking cable to add a USB port to the tablet and turn it into a true hybrid, as well as micro digital to VGA adapters allowing to view the contents of the tablet on a television, a monitor or an overhead projector. Finally, you can purchase a combo power adapter / USB port / USB multi card reader that will allow you to have both a USB port and a card reader SD, SDXC, MMC and MicroSD.
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