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Mother Board for Asus ZenFone

Are you having trouble with your Asus ZenFone?

Does your Asus ZenFone keep crashing or is having trouble booting? Has your ZenFone been exposed to water? In this case, the motherboard of your device may be damaged. Fortunately, you can replace the motherboard, and restore your ZenFone to its original condition! Instead of disposing of the ZenFone completely, you can determine the source of the problem of your device and repair it. We also sell all the necessary spare parts for your ZenFone repairs, such as new buttons, as well as strong screws, or even durable screens to extend the life of your device as long as possible. If you have a ZenFone and you have problems with boot up, this section is dedicated to you! Does your ZenFone have trouble powering on, or the screen doesn't load normally? You can no longer save your data on your laptop because it no longer recognizes your smartphone? Loading stops for no reason, or runs intermittently? After a fall, the motherboard can be damaged! There are several cases that may explain this failure: Your Asus charging connector has been damaged, the port is clogged with residue or a broken element inside, the power supply board is damaged, the motherboard is broken, or water may have been exposed to the motherboard... 
It's time to change the motherboard!

Replace your Asus smartphone motherboard 

Asus Accessories offers you in this section official ZenFone motherboards with compatible models for the entire range of Asus smartphones (ZenFone 2, ZenFone 3, ZenFone 4, ZenFone Go, ZenFone Laser, ZenFone Lite 1, ZenFone Live, ZenFone Max, and ZenFone Zoom). You will then be able to purchase daughter power cards for the phone, which are equipped with the micro USB charging connector and vibrator. This card includes several elements and will facilitate the repair by avoiding any micro-welding. Do not worry about the reliability of our products, they are 100% original, brand new and certified by Asus and always accompanied by a warranty! Our team of Asus specialists are at your disposal to answer your questions and guide you when buying your replacement ZenFone motherboard.

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