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Spare Parts Company LLC

Spare Parts Company LLC is a Certified ASUS wholesaler and retailer of accessories and spare parts. We specialize in the sale of spare parts and accessories for the maintenance and repair of ASUS laptop computers, tablets, and cellphones.
All spare parts and accessories sold are official ASUS brand products. With more than 15,000 referenced products, Spare Parts Company LLC satisifes the need for readily available ASUS spare parts and accessories through their website www.asus-accessories.com.
Our many years of experience in the spare parts market for ASUS computers, tablets, and other products such as Zenfones, Zenpads, EeePCs, PDAs, EeeBOX PCs, Eee Pads, and LCD Screens have allowed the site to build a reputation within the industry and specifically with ASUS customers, professionals and resellers.


ASUS is the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of motherboards and premium laptops. Many of its patents and technological innovations are used by different companies throughout the sector. ASUS motherboards and laptops are the most popular with IT professionals. Asus has become a leading laptop brand by incorporating all of their knowledge and technology in their line of notebooks. ASUS is the 5th largest manufacturer in world of personal computer by units sold as of 2014. In order to satisfy the most demanding requirements, ASUS has developed rigorous Quality Control Protocols to ensure the reliability, efficiency and security of all its products and spare parts.

The name ASUS is derived from the last four letters of PEGASUS, the winged horse of Greek
mythology. A symbol of art and learning, this mythological creature embodies the strength,
creative spirit and purity of design that ASUS strives for in their innovative products.

ASUS has 20,000 employees and the most efficient Research & Development team in the world.
Considered one of the leaders of the digital age, the ASUS company offers a comprehensive line of
products for all categories of customers, rivaling any competitor.

ASUS is committed to offering the most innovative and highest quality products as reflected in their slogan
"Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection." Their aspirations have been confirmed by numerous
awards and praise received by the press, industry, and governments. In 2014, ASUS received 3,056
awards, an average of 8 a day. The 2014 revenues were $19.47 billion with $436.26 billion
in sales. ASUS was named first in the top 10 (Taiwan) best worldwide computer brands.

ASUS by the numbers

ASUS is the 3rd largest manufacturer of laptop computers and produces the most widely sold and
acclaimed motherboards. ASUS is a major actor in the digital age. The United States represents 23%
share of the worldwide ASUS sales; motherboards and screens maintain an outsized share.