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These conditions are terminated between, on one side, Spare Parts Company LLC, 4613N University Drive - Unit 170 - Coral Springs, FL 33067 - hereinafter " Spare Parts Company LLC" and, also, those desiring to make a purchase through the websites of Spare Parts Company LLC, hereinafter indicated to as "client".
The persons involved agree that these circumstances of sale applicable at time of purchase solely rule their relationship. If a circumstance is found to be unacceptable, it would be ruled by the process in force in the area of companies transacting by deliveries which have headquarters in Florida, USA.
Spare Parts Company LLC pledges to adhere to with all the resources of the Consumer Code related to sales by deliveries only.


These circumstances specify the terms of sale between Spare Parts Company LLC and the client from purchasing to help and all services after sales, such as payment and delivery. These circumstances are particularly exclusive to personal individuals.


The client can request an order online and the order can be recorded on the website https://www.a-accessories.com only if the client has positively recognized himself by the submission of his client code. Any client of the website https://www.a-accessories.com who does not have a customer code or ID must pursue the process of registration to get a customer code. This code is private. Any misplacement or absentmindedness should be quickly disclosed to the services of Spare Parts Company LLC by calling Spare Parts Company LLC Customer Service at 561-819-8886 or via email at contact@asus-accessories.com
Any purchase entails acknowledgment of the rates and definition of products available for sale. Any disagreement on this issue will happen in the situation of a possible swap and guarantees mentioned hereunder. The client can change his/her shopping cart before the final confirmation, that last step establishing the contract of sale between Spare Parts Company LLC and client. In the situation of a particular product not being available, Spare Parts Company LLC will advise the client. At some points, including failure to pay, wrong address or other situations on the client's account, Spare Parts Company LLC maintains the right to hold back the client's order until the situation is cleared up. For requests about the situation of your purchase, please call from Monday to Friday and between 9am to 5pm (GA) or contact us by email at contact@asus-accessories.com. An email will be sent to the address mentioned in the client's profile for each feat of the purchase. The existence of products on the site is assured for a length of one week.


The freight of parcels will be dispatched to all allowable countries and the client must mention the delivery section of the services area in the shopping cart to know more about the expediting companies, their terms and rates for expediting.
Delivery time:
The displayed delivery time is determined concordant to the respecting common delay of shipping for the displayed product. Our accountability can't dice during to be hired, but our customer service representatives are at your disposal for any problem regarding to your order.

All shipments may be subject to import charges (Duties, Customs tariffs and VAT) which are set by the destination country or location.
They are based on the purchased merchandise’s country of origin/manufacturing and the classification of that merchandise and are levied once your package reaches your location.

Spare Parts Company LLC does not collect your duties and taxes during checkout and cannot predict what your particular charges may be: and in the event you incur these additional charges, they must be rendered for your package to clear custom.
The carrier (ex. Fedex) will usually act as the collecting agent for the customs of your country and will request payment before delivery.
For more information regarding customs policies, please contact your local customs office.


The client has the choice to pay for the order online on the website https://www.a-accessories.com by credit card, PayPal account, Debit or Credit Card (Carte Bleue, E-card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, major credit cards or PayPal) or cash.
The client account will be charged when purchasing items. If sold out or no longer available, by client's demand they will be reimbursed up to the value of the items not available for reimbursement to the account of the credit card that was used for paying and the payment will be appropriated as the total of the items truly sent. We can keep the payments on hold for a proximate delivery and at once upon acceptance for lost products.


Rates are priced in selected currencies and consists of all taxes in the USA if appropriate. These rates may leave out processing fees, shipping and handling (ie: a specific packaging is needed). They take into consideration the taxes applicable at the time the order was issued. Any change in the applicable rate will be shown on the item prices. However the price will not be changed once the client's order has been verified. Furthermore, if one or more taxes or additions, including environmental, has to be generated or changed, higher or lower, this adjustment will be shown in the price of the sale items on the site of Spare Parts Company LLC and sales documents. The rates mentioned on the site are assured for a time frame of 24 hours.


All products can be switched or reimbursed except for those clearly established elseway,
ie: products that have been customized at the client's demand.

- Returns :
All item returns will be issued after advising the company Spare Parts Company LLC within seven (7) days from the date of receipt or removal of the parcel and after confirmation from Spare Parts Company LLC. The client must request a return number (RMA number) by mail at contact@asus-accessories.com before sending back products.
The client accepts to send back the package in its original packaging. The product must be in its original form and in original condition. Items related to personal individuals and having been used with no protection and with noticeable indications of use will be sent back to the buyer at his cost and cannot be returned.
- Exchange :
The exchange required by the client has to be done within 7 days from the date of acceptance or retraction of the parcel. If the new order is in overabundance, the client will add to the items to be exchanged the balance of the payment or should have paid that balance up front. On the opposite, if the amount of the exchange is less than the original amount, the client will promptly get a credit as an electronic code (usable on the website https://www.a-accessories.com owned by Spare Parts Company LLC) as a reimbursement of the difference.
The exchange demand must be sustained by a payment equal to $5 (5 dollars) to cover the fees and expenses of expediting and manipulation. The client must request a return number (RMA number) by mail at contact@asus-accessories.com before sending back products


All products are accountable to a legal guarantee of compliance and a guarantee contra unseen flaws allowing the purchaser to send back the flawed items delivered. Other than in cases of sanctioned warranty, all transactions between Spare Parts Company LLC) and clients, not disputed within 30 days are treated as a complete waiver of any type of claim.
The seller must expedite goods in compliance with the contract and be accountable for flaws of compliances which occur at the matter. It also consists of flaws of compliances hapenning from the packaging, instructions for assemblage or installment as elucidated by the contract or has been made under the seller's responsibility.
To abide with the contract, the item must:
1) Suit the regular use anticipated from that item and, if relevant:
- Affirm the description made by the seller and have the features that had been bestowed to the purchaser as a sample or model;
- Have the features that a purchaser can rationally foresee given the public declarations done by the vendor, the manufacturer or his agent, especially in promotions or clasifying;
2) Or have the features determined by shared agreement by the individuals or meet any particular intention which the purchaser made recognized to the vendor and the latter approved.
The vendor must guarantee that no hidden flaws of the item sold that would make it inadequate for the use for which it was meant for or which so reduce the use that the purchaser would not have gained or would have provides a lower rate if he was aware. The process arising from hidden flaws must be acquired by the buyer within one year after the detection of the flaw.


In all circumstances, giving the credit card number online and the last confirmation of the order will establish proof of the plenitude of said order in conformity with the resources and will be valued the sums payable for the items that show up in the order.
This ratificaton establishes signature and acknowledges acceptance of all transactions at the site. After all, in situations of deceptive use of his/her credit card, the client is obligated, upon the discovery of such use, to get a hold os Spare Parts Company LLC Customer Service by calling 954-840-3636 during hours of business.


Spare Parts Company LLC has for all levels of getting an order and ensuing steps to the ending of the contract, a responsibility to the issue.
So Spare Parts Company LLC attempts to define with tremendous certainty the items sold on the website https://www.a-accessories.com. Eventually, the accountability of Spare Parts Company LLC can not be implicated in the situation if the violation of its responsibilities would be due to unforeseeable and impossible third party or in case of Force Majeure as described by the US jurisprudence.
Furthermore, the obligations of Spare Parts Company LLC will not be responsible for any hindrance or destruction coming from the use of the Internet, including a breach of service, outisde interference or existence of computer viruses.


Spare Parts Company LLC reserves the right to gather user data, including the use of cookies. Data gathering by Spare Parts Company LLC , in control of the handling, is essential to take into consideration the requests of the client. Supplying Spare Parts Company LLC with their e-mail, the client will get an order confirmation. Relying upon the decisions made when establishing or advising his/her account, the client will possibly get offers from Spare Parts Company LLC. It is our obligation to assure that the personal information we have is accurate and up to date and consequently, compatible to Article 32 of Law number 2004-801 of August 6, 2004 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal information and revise of the law number 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms, clients have a right to enter, change and erase information about themselves, and may accomplish that right at any time with Spare Parts Company LLC
* Adjustments can be done directly by email sent to contact@asus-accessories.com and indicating with "I am no longer interested in the offers and no longer wish to receive any".
* Unsubscribe from our newsletter information with the automatic tool created for this purpose with each newsletter or by mail by marking the box on the order form or writing to Spare Parts Company LLC- Customer Service -4613N University Drive - Unit 170 - Coral Springs, FL 33067 providing your name, email address and customer reference if possible.
Spare Parts Company LLC puts into action all means to ensure the confidentiality and safety of data transmitted over the Internet. In itself, the website uses a secured form of payment belonging to our banking facilities. Spare Parts Company LLC has no awareness of any of your credit card numbers, which are only known by the banks in any business dealings with our websites.
As part of quality monitoring and training of our customer service department, some calls may be recorded.


All facets of https://www.a-accessories.com , being viewable or audible, as well as the basic technology, are protected by copyright, trademark or patent. Hence, NO details or credentials of Spare Parts Company LLC site can be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way, except under the following circumstances: you can download a copy of a document to a computer for your own personal use and only for intentions that are not commercial, being that you do not modify the details and that you maintain untouched all copyright and other proprietary information. The changes of these documents or their use for other intentions establishes a breach of the intellectual property of Spare Parts Company LLC.

The trademarks, logos and designs shown on this site are the exclusive property of Spare Parts Company LLC and represent Spare Parts Company LLC brands over the Internet. Their revelation should in no way be defined as authoirzing any license or right to use any of the brands and characteristic elements guarded by copyright, trademark or patent. Any unlawful use is a breach of copyright, trademark or patent and establishes an act of counterfeiting.

All text and photos located on Spare Parts Company LLC websites may be registered or copyrighted with official institutions. The use without previous agreement with the Spare Parts Company LLC may lead to legal process.

In the occurrence that any arrangement of this contract is ineffective and cancelled by a modification in legislation, regulation or court decision, this does not in any circumstances affect the lawfulness and agreement with these sale terms and conditions.

These circumstances implement throughout the length of online services provided by the Spare Parts Company LLC.

The records, kept in Spare Parts Company LLC computer Systems Company and its partners in surroundings of acceptable security, will be treated as proof of communication, orders and payments between the individuals. The registration of purchase orders and invoices is made in a trustworthy and continual way to equalize an exact copy.

Loyal to its agreement, Spare Parts Company LLC is dedicated to allocating brands from known companies, models and photographs of products are given (not including special agreements) by brands that possess the rights of the images, brands and models registered and copyrighted with suitable agencies and institutions.

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